vetruvian manThe adjustment is a safe, natural, noninvasive procedure used by your chiropractor to restore and improve health. Doctor Richard Speizer has spent over 25 years in training and practice to safely perform chiropractic adjustments. Spinal adjustments by any health care professional other than an experienced chiropractor can be dangerous and ineffective.

What is a Spinal Adjustment?
The spinal adjustment refers to the process in which an experienced chiropractor applies controlled force into one or more “subluxated” vertebrae of the spine. The adjustment is also used in the pelvic region to normalize the sacroiliac joints.

When Should Spinal Adjustments be Given?
Spinal adjustments are applied to certain vertebrae of the spine which are no longer in their proper position or where functioning has become impaired. Vertebrae which lose their normal position or proper motion are termed vertebral subluxations. The chiropractor uses a number of unique tests and procedures to determine which, if any, vertebrae are subluxated. If subluxations are found, immediate correction is generally indicated. Preventative chiropractic care is encouraged because subluxations are not always painful during the initial stages.

officeWhat do Spinal Adjustments do?
Spinal Adjustments help to correct vertebral subluxations. Correcting subluxations reduces pain and inflammation, normalizes spinal biomechanics and most importantly, can remove nerve irritation and interference which often improves overall health and wellness of the individual. Chiropractic adjustments are the only way to eliminate vertebral subluxations and Dr. Speizer has years of experience detecting subluxations and delivering the chiropractic spinal adjustments to correct them.

The Non-Spinal Adjustment
In addition to adjusting the spine and pelvis, almost every other joint of the body can be adjusted with Dr. Speizer’s chiropractic care. This includes joints in the hands and feet, wrists and ankles, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, ribs and the jaw.

Like the joints of the spine, joints in the extremities can also become misaligned and fixated. Chiropractic adjustments can restore and enhance extremity joint functioning which can increase the life of the joint and keep wear and tear to a minimum. This is of special interest to athletes who generally demand optimal joint performance from highly stressed joints. Dr. Speizer has worked with athletes from the National Football League, the 1996 Olympics, and professional soccer leagues around the United States. Adjusting provides an immediate increase in joint range of motion and also supplies the joint with nutrients, as motion is the only way to bring nutrients into the joint cartilage and flush wastes products out.

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